Here at Corwin Ceilings, we help to enhance the acoustic properties and aesthetics of a space by installing, repairing, or maintaining acoustical ceilings. Here are some of the services that we offer.


Installation: We install new acoustical ceilings in various settings, such as offices, schools, healthcare facilities, auditoriums, and commercial spaces. We assess the space, recommend suitable ceiling materials, and handle the installation process efficiently.


Acoustical Design: We have partner contractors that we collaborate with such as architects, interior designers, and project managers to develop effective acoustical solutions. They can assess a space's acoustic requirements, considering factors like noise reduction, sound absorption, and echo control, and designs a customized acoustical ceiling system accordingly.


Repairs and Maintenance: Over time, acoustical ceilings may experience wear and tear, water damage, or other issues. We offer repair and maintenance services to address these issues. We replace damaged ceiling tiles, repair cracks or leaks, and ensure the ceiling system is functioning optimally.


Soundproofing: For soundproofing solutions, here at Corwin Ceilings, we can guide you on the best soundproofing materials, such as if your space needs resilient channels, sound barriers, and if acoustic insulation can be installed to reduce noise transmission between rooms or from outside sources on your spaces. Our mission is to help you create a quieter and more comfortable environment.


Retrofitting: In existing spaces, Corwin Ceilings can help you guide in retrofitting old or inadequate ceiling systems with new acoustical materials which can improve the acoustic performance, enhance aesthetics, and can also help meet updated building codes and standards.


Consultation and Evaluation: Corwin Ceilings offers consultation services to assess the acoustic properties of a space and provide recommendations for improving them. We can evaluate the existing ceiling system and advise on suitable modifications or enhancements.


Customization and Design Options: Corwin Ceilings offers a range of customization options to meet specific design requirements. These can include various ceiling tile materials, finishes, colors, patterns, and suspension systems, allowing clients to achieve the desired aesthetic and acoustic goals.


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